Moieciu de Sus in any season

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If in a hot summer day you leave the roads aside and head directly through meadows … you will never forget this experience. The sensations are unique! The smell of hot soil mixed with the grass, the wildflowers, the butterflies’ game, the buzzing bees, the green of the herbs is sprinkled with thousand colors. Ferns, daisies, forget-me-not, violets, horse-tail… pick up a bit of everything and you can not go home without a small bunch of these,                                                                                                                                                                                        A bunch of memories!
Feel the cool morning, the frost up in the hills, the weather is perfect for a walk, you choose the route, there are so many routes that start from The Carpathian Gate, to Bucegi Mountains through Bătrâna and Strunga Saddles or to the Leaota Mountains. Do not forget to document the map before you travel!
Admire the autumn colors, the red shades of the trees, the golden grass, the yellow birch and beech leaves or the larch trees, the deep blue sky above, where should you start today?
Wonderful landscapes, blue sky, snowy ridges around, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Leaota Mountains, imposing ridge, seems sharper, now full of snow.
If you are practicing ski touring you can choose either a route on the foothills of the snowy mountains when the snow is proper or if you are experienced you can take an alpine route on the surrounding ridges.
But whatever the activity, for sure you will not forget the stories by the stove, and if you get to know the local people of these places, you will go late to bed and you will see that still yet there is another life order in the mountain villages, where you’re still looking out the window to check the weather or are guided by the signs of nature, form of the clouds, the aura of the moon, the wind and the unrest of the animals.
mib_4595Spring is the season for EcoMarathon in Moieciu de Sus!
We are hardly waiting the snowmelt, and the May sun’s heat and the so special green of this period. Everything comes alive and we should feel the same!
Snowy ridges in the distance, moods for walking, running or why not a bike tour? There are so many trails around and forest roads waiting to be discovered, surely you will remember a spring day spent at Moieciu de Sus and you will want to come back next year or during the summer, maybe in the fall or during the winter holidays!