T2 - Out and about in Fundata

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Distance Duration Sign Activities Location
8.6km 3h Hiking, Running, Cycling, Skiing

The route starts in front of the Fundata City Hall, on the country road, to the right, and returns to the starting point on a dirt road. It is a route with a low degree of difficulty, for hikers of all ages and families with children. At the start of the route, the hiker can make a refreshing supply of water from the Roii Fountain and then continue on the asphalt road that reveals the character of Fundata, which we discover to be a scattered village.

The road winds through the hills and limestone hillocks reaching the School in Fundata. On the right side, the valley (Padina Lungă) opens with a great view of the Leaota and Bucegi Mountains and the ridge between them. The asphalt road goes up and down, and scattered in a pleasant harmony, there are guest houses, traditional houses and well maintained meadows.

At the junction with a wooden cross, the route continues to the left, on a slightly climbing dirt road, with meadows on both sides and stone fences that border properties. After crossing a pine forest, the route approaches Cheile Grădistei-Fundata Resort, where you can take a detour to the restaurant or to the winter and summer sport tracks.
From here on, the route continues on a dirt road, among scattered houses, where it passes hillocks and limestone formations surrounded by meadows and patches of woods.
The red hiker sign accompanies the traveler on this route, which is parallel to the national road which is joined at the end.