T3 - A walk through Andole

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Distance Duration Sign Activities Location
8.3km 4-5h Hiking, Running

The route marked with the blue hiker sign begins in the center of Moieciu de Sus and continues on the dirt road to the church and then windingly ascends towards Inspector Tișcă’s House, one of the few houses left in the village with an inner courtyard, a defense structure specific to the area. The walk continues to the right to a succession of meadows, called Poiana Andolia maintained in good condition, and of impressive size.

Towards the end of the meadows, the view opens to Piatra Craiului Mountains. Then it goes up and down through the Magistrate’s Forest and reaches a fairly wide clearing scattered with large trees.
From here, the trail turns left and steeply ascends the old gravel road, which connected the Cheia and Fundata settelements, to the current Cheile Gradistei-Fundata Resort. At the end of the climb the hiker meets a forest road which should be followed to the left.
After a short period of time the route exits the dense forest and the view opens up to the cross country ski tracks and well-maintained meadow. The route slowly descends between the few houses to the center of Fundata, where it meets the asphalt road and continues slightly downhill.

Near the church, at the bend of the road, our route leaves the asphalt road and continues on a dirt road to the left, through the opening to the Bucegi Mountains and the old path connecting Moieciu de Sus and Fundata. The valley constantly widens, offering amazing views to the Gaura Valley in the Bucegi Mountains. You are welcomed to visit Stoian Family’s Old House, converted into a museum with a large collection of traditional items.
The route descends further and at the first meadow it turns left through the woods. The valley is dominated on the left side by impressive limestone formations, which reveal the geological origin of this relief. The path continues easily through the forest until it reaches the pastures and Inspector Tișcă’s House again, a place with a panorama over the main valleys of Moieciu de Sus and the Leaota and Bucegi Mountains, and ends on the same winding road leading to the village center.