T4 - Wandering through Fundățica

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Distance Duration Sign Activities Location
12.7km 4h Cycling, Skiing

The route starts on the asphalt road on the Popii Valley, and after 300m it starts to climb the steep slope on the right called Bălan’s Coast. The meadows are bordered at the top of the hillside by Pițigoi‘s Corner, a limestone scree with geological importance.

This ridge has particular historical significance because it used to be the border between the Empire (Austro-Hungarian) and the Kingdom (Romania). The route continues with the green hiker sign on the ridge on a gravel road until it reaches a large pasture area, Șleaul Mândrului. The route gently ascends in a beautiful forest until it reaches a clearing called La Mândru, where the elders say that long ago there used to be an inhabited settlement.
The path continues ascending until it meets the touristic route red stripe and follows a pleasant descent on a forest road until it meets the county road and continues on it toward the church. From the road you can see the alternation of meadows, patches of pines and limestone hillocks specific to this area.

At the junction with the asphalt road, the route continues straight on the gravel road between the houses, and after a brief but sustained climb it comes back on the asphalt and goes right through the old houses, meadows and guest houses.
Near the church, at the bend of the road, the route leaves the asphalt road and continues on a dirt road to the left, looking up we can now see the Bucegi Mountains and the old path connecting Moieciu de Sus and Fundata.
The valley constantly widens, offering amazing views to the Gaura Valley in the Bucegi Mountains. You are welcomed to visit Stoian Family’s Old House, converted into a museum with a large collection of traditional items. The valley is dominated on the left side by impressive limestone formations, which reveal the geological origin of this relief. The route descends directly into the woods, following the dry valley, and quickly reaches the departure point on Popii Valley.