T6 - Through the border in Șleaul Mândrului

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Distance Duration Sign Activities Location
10.6km 3-4h Hiking, Running

The route marked by the yellow hiker sign begins in the center of Moieciu de Sus and continues on the Popii Valley, on the winding road, between the local homes alternating with new guest houses. Outside the village the road runs through a pasture with forest on one side and the river on the other.

The rout crosses the river on a wooden bridge and continues with a sustained climb to the meadow La Mândru where the elders say that long ago there used to be an inhabited settlement. From this meadow it continues to the right, and after several patches of forest it reaches a broad pasture, Șleaul Mândrului.
The route continues on the ridge road which has particular historical significance because it used to border between the Empire (Austro-Hungarian) and the Kingdom (Romania). At the junction with the trail that descends to Moieciu, it turns left and descends on a gravel road to Fundata.

The route winds between traditional houses and at the junction with the asphalt road the hiker crosses the former border again. The route passes the Old Church and the Cultural House from Fundata and turns right to Moieciu de Sus, continuing on a dirt road to the left, through the opening to Bucegi Mountains, the old path connecting Moieciu de Sus and Fundata.

The valley constantly widens, offering amazing views to the Gaura Valley in Bucegi Mountains. You are welcomed to visit Stoian Family’s Old House, arranged in a museum with a large collection of popular items.
The route descends further and at the first meadow it turns left in the woods. The valley is dominated on the left side by impressive limestone formations, which show the formation of this relief.
The path continues easily through the forest until it reaches again the pastures and “Inspector Tișcă’s House”, a place with a panorama over the main valleys of Moieciu de Sus and the Leaota and Bucegi Mountains, and ends on the winding road to the central area.