T7 - Strolling through Giuvala Customs

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Distance Duration Sign Activities Location
6.1km 2h Hiking, Running, Cycling, Skiing

The route marked by “the green hiker sign” begins in front of The Fundata City Hall and turns left following the national road for a short distance. The route descends on the right into a pasture scattered with boulders and continues on an animal’s path until it reaches a broad pasture between two forested peaks.

The rout continues with a short ascent, on the right, until it reaches the Old Customs Giuvala, the checkpoint for crossing between former boundaries, where the remains of old buildings are still observed.
This part of the route is common with “The Bran Road”, the main road link between geographical areas since The Roman times. For a short period of time it continues on the national road and turns left on a wider path through meadows and pastures.
After a steep descent through the forest the route reaches a dirt road above Şirnii Road, and continues on it slightly to the left. The route reaches several houses and isolated shelters and continues on left on the touristic route “red stripe”. The view surprisingly opens to the Dâmboviţei Gorge and hill formations of Rucăr Corridor.
The road turns into an easy path and continues through the woods on a vale until it reaches the pasture that was originally passed. It continues on the animal’s path through the stony pasture back to the national road.